As a part of a set of furniture, the sofa commands a good quantity of space in the living room of your home in Goa or anywhere in India. The sofa should always be a place to unwind or for resting tired feet or for watching TV or a place which makes for cosy seating for your guests or just somewhere for lying around.

One thing is for sure that every Indian and Goan house does have at least one sofa around the house. On selecting your sofa, the next step is furnishing it with the right fabric or material. Sofa fabrics are considered to be necessary to home furnishings. 

What to look for in Sofa Upholstery Fabric

Look for the following while choosing fabrics or materials for your sofa in Goa:

1. Durability:
2. Non-shrinking:
3. Non-allergic to skin:
4. Stain proof:
5. Colour-fast:

Sofa upholstery fabric materials suitable for Goa & India

Leather Fabrics
Keep in mind that a leather upholstered sofa is not necessarily ideal for the Indian climate. Leather is extremely expensive as is the cost of maintaining it. If at all you do wish to use leather for your sofa, then do so for a sofa which is in an air-conditioned room and is not in the path of direct sunlight. 

Velvet Fabrics
Then there is silk and velvet upholstery which give grace and elegance to the sofa. In the case of silk, it is definitely a strong fabric and can even be dry-cleaned. Both silk and velvet, like leather, tend to be expensive. 

Cotton Fabrics
Cotton fabrics are easily available in India. The better grade of cotton – known as premium grade cotton – is popularly used in home furnishings. You can, also make use of a combination of cotton and polyester material for your sofa requirements.

So what then is a better option of fabrics for your sofa?

Most home furnishings experts recommend polyester or microfiber fabric. They last long are very durable and do not age so easily when exposed to direct sunlight. What's more, a stain can be dealt with easily with a little detergent powder & a clean moist cloth. 

It is understood that microfiber is even better than polyester because it does not wrinkle so easily and can even stand up to soiling better than polyester. Some believe microfiber as great to have for your sofa.

According to years of experience in serving the furnishing industry of Goa in India, K K Home Furnishings always would like the customer to decide whats best for their sofas. Some good choices would be cotton, polyester, velvet and micro fibre materials.