The main & core business of K K Home Furnishings in Goa is to supply fabrics & materials for Curtains, Stitch Curtains as per clients specifications or the size & shape of windows & doors and to sell readymade curtains in Goa.

A World of Curtains in Goa

Tab-top Curtains
Tab – Top Curtains in Goa are used for very informal situations. Tab-top curtains consists of loops of fabric (matching or contrasting) sewn to the top edge of a fabric panel. A wood or metal pole is threaded through the loops to hang. Curtains can be lined or unlined, depending on confidentiality and heat or light insulation requirements.
Grommet-top Curtains
Grommet – Top Curtains in Goa are alike in structure and design to the tab-top type.  Grommet-top curtains use grommets or eyelets at the head of the curtain.  A thin wood pole or metal rod threads over and under the fabric into the regularly placed grommets. These curtains fit properly in a fashionable space.
Pleated Curtains
Pleated Curtains in Goa offer the most official look. Pleat types, including French or pinch, pencil, box and goblet, all create a made to order look. Conventionally, pleated curtains are lined and created from classic decorative or solid fabric. Pleated curtains need a special rod and hardware used to keep the pleats together.
Casement Curtains
Casement Curtains in Goa are also known as rod-pocket, pole-top and panel curtains.  Casement Curtains are more ornamental than practical. Casement curtains work well with windows that are not repeatedly opened and closed. The top of the curtain is stitched in the shape of a pocket, through which a rod or pole is threaded. Casements left in place can hang as panels on each side of a window or be drawn back with tie backs.
Sheers Curtains
Modern and dreamy interiors are what you need then choose sheer curtains. Sheers Curtains in Goa consist of lightweight fabrics and give a see-through appearance.  Sheers provide little privacy and confidentiality as they are see through. Sheer Curtains soften the overall look when placed beneath other types of curtains, such as a set of side panels affixed to a decorative rod.
Rod Pocket Curtains
Rod pocket curtains in Goa generate an unusual look by gathering fabric onto a curtain rod. The handling of rod pocket curtains can have a heading (ruffle) over the rod, or have no heading. Rod pocket curtains can have anywhere from 1-inch rod pockets to 4 1/2-inch rod pockets.
Pinch Pleated Curtains
Pinch pleated curtains in Goa are also called as drapes. Pinch pleated curtains are topped with ornamental pinched folds. They are a very traditional type of window treatment for curtains. The curtain heading is created by a series of crimps that are drawn through a rod. They can be hung by hooks or rings from a rod. They can be used under valances or over sheers for a complete look.
Box Pleated Curtains
Box Pleated Curtains in Goa are similar to the above pinch pleated curtains. An alternative to the pinch pleat is the box pleat. Box pleat headings drape into deep folds down the full length of the curtains.
Cafe Curtains
Cafe curtains in Goa are short panels that are half the length of the window. They are hung on suspension or cafe rods half way down the window, leaving the top half of the window open. Cafe curtains in Goa are popular for their simple, clean, casual look in kitchens and bathrooms.
Scolloped curtains
Scolloped curtains make pretty window dressings for a bedroom of country style. They are very beautiful in design. Scollop depths are all equal, however, and tabs or rings are spaced evenly along the rod, so the difference in scollop widths is not noticeable

K K Home Furnishings Curtains in Goa
Curtains in Goa are the most trendy and fashionable choice for dressing windows and doors all over Goa.  Framing a window in fabric provides both artistic appeal and utility.  Curtains can soften hard lines, add colour, texture, block unpleasant views, provide privacy and tenderly filter sunlight. K K Home Furnishings caters to household as well as commercial hotels needs in Goa.