KK Furnishings makes homes more homely
Furnishings are an integral & important part of every apartment, house, villa, bungalow or office premises in Goa. Without proper and professional furnishing ideas, every residential or commercial liveable area is just another square or rectangular concrete room with empty walls and floors.

KK Home Furnishings Motto
KK Home Furnishings in Goa always believes in the traditional saying that houses are built by bricks & cement but homes are built by human hearts.  In a similar way the Business Motto of K K Home Furnishings in Goa is, Families Make Homes Lovable, K K Home Furnishings Make Homes Liveable”.

Decorate your home with your Dream Furnishings
K K Home Furnishings in Goa are a one stop shop for all your Home & Office Furnishing Needs.  KK provides and supplies all the Furnishing materials under one roof.  KK also provides tailoring support for all the stitching and sewing needs of the furnishing needs of clients.  By utilizing the Furnishing Services of KK Home Furnishings, you solve all your Interior Decoration and Interior Designing needs by choosing your Fabric material from the Stock in KK’s Storeroom located at St. Inez in Panjim, Goa. (Avindo add photo of Storeroom here).

Hard Furnishing Suppliers in Goa
Hard Furnishing refers to the hard material that is used in making Furniture.  Raw materials such as Wood, Cane, Plastic, Metal etc are called as hard furnishing.  K K Home Furnishings in Goa also make on order as per customer’s taste various home & office furniture’s in wood and other materials.  Example of Hardwood Furnishings: Sofa Sets, Chairs, Dining Table Photo Phrames etc

Soft Furnishing Suppliers in Goa
Soft Furnishing refers to the Soft material or the external material that dresses all types of furniture’s & fixtures.  Raw materials such as Cotton, Polyester, Velvet, Silk, Crepe, Raw Silk, Khadi etc are called as Soft Furnishings. The final products made out of Soft Furnishings are such as Cushion covers, Table linens, Sofas Beds, Rugs, Carpets etc.

Leave the designing, decorating and furnishing to K K Home Furnishings
K K and his team of furnishers started many years back originally as Tailors to the vast industry of Furnishing in Goa and India. From Tailors to Decorators to Designers to Suppliers of Furnishing Materials, K K Home Furnishings have devoted years of service to the Homes and Offices of Goa making them truly Pretty Homes.

K K Home Furnishings uses all types of linen, furniture’s, fixtures, fittings, floorings and lots of other Furnishing Accessories for designing, decorating and delivering a beautifully furnished home or office in Goa.