K K Home Furnishings in Goa are happy to launch our new Product Vertical Blinds of Marvel Company and make.

Marvel company blinds offer unprecedented design freedom and have a vital role in determining and defining the overall look of your office and home in Goa or India.

Vertical blinds
Marvel is introducing those types of Vertical fabrics which are widely accepted in U.K. & U.S. but were not available in India. Marvel Vertical Blinds are practical, Versatile and Stylish and they offer great control over how much light is filtered into a room. When closed they provide privacy and protect furniture and carpets from direct sunlight. The widest range of Design options will match with any kind of Interiors perfectly and different touch will be given to it.

Bamboo blinds
“Be relieved from the Real World” Bamboo Blinds is also known as a Chick Blinds Natural Bamboo Blind have been prepared from superior raw material of Bamboo, which have been knitted perfectly with cord.  It is in trend now days for residential, resorts, Hotels & corporate offices.  It adds grace & chic to your interiors. All the shades are created smartly, gives the options to make a beautiful design & control sunlight. It can be matched very properly with interior also. Wooden head rail & Bottom rail in 3 natural shades gives real touch to the blinds.

Roller blinds
The Roller Blinds offered is also known as office curtain because it helps in meeting the modernistic needs of any office/home. Roller Blinds are generally used in offices but now days it is used for home also very nicely. With Translucent, Screen & Black out fabrics you can adjust the Sunlight according to your requirement. Various shades of colours will satisfy the needs of your interior perfectly.  One way to create a nice and friendly environment for your kid’s room is via Children Curtain.